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In fact, from the perspective of the banks, retirees as borrowers have an invaluable advantage: they can not be terminated. However, with increasing age, the risk of death also increases – and the dead no longer pay back loans. Recently, however, more and more banks have recognized the opportunities of retiree loans and increasingly offer loans for this target group.

House buying.

At the same time, so far there has been little time to save money, while older people can afford many investments from the savings.

The over-50s are satisfied with their financial situation. 80 percent describe it as good or very good, only 15 percent as less good and 5 percent as bad.

In a study of the REarka TeamBank, which is mainly known by the installment loan easy Credit, the 50-year-olds were not only particularly satisfied with their financial situation, especially the 70 to 79-year-olds assess their situation much better than in the Past.

However, the “new elders” are also much more consumptive than the warren-born generation of parents. 63 percent want to spend money on travel in the recent past, 54 percent for beautifying the home and 51 percent for their health.

This makes older people increasingly attractive to banks. More and more financial institutions therefore offer a retiree loan, although the conditions may still differ significantly.

Trucredit or Centiloan can then often no longer help, sometimes remains as a possibility only the mortgage.

Auxmoney or Smava can then often no longer help, sometimes remains as a possibility only the mortgage. 

If you own a debt-free home, you have a particularly good chance of getting a loan.

 Also, collateral such as a house, a car or a partner, with whom you apply for the loan together, increase the chances of a loan. And finally, of course, the amount of the desired loan also plays a role. Who can pay off the debt in a year or two has better chances than someone who would have to repay the loan for 30 years.

Especially with pensioner loans, a credit intermediary can also serve well. However, it is important to commission only reputable companies such as Maxcredit or Crediter and in no case to pay in advance performance-independent fees.
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A residual debt insurance is not always useful. She also has to be paid. If you want to secure a partner, it can be a good choice. It is often unnecessary and helps only the bank.

Use installment loan calculator

  • Specify collateral
  • If possible, collect credit together with partner
  • Question the sense of a credit insurance
  • No upfront fees to credit intermediaries